For quite a long time, Locations Extrordinaire had been hearing about a spectacular Interior Design Shoppe on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach ... a "must see"!

And so we did ... and we had the pleasure of being escorted into the most exclusive Shoppe on the Avenue; what a treat!

We were actually welcomed by the Owner himself, Mr. William R. Eubanks. I must say, in my considered opinion, William is so charming and talented, knowledgeable and gifted and a true connoisseur of exquisite antiques. He has spent a lifetime of experience gathering the very best!

William is a rare and modest genius; his ability to collect the creme' de la creme' and acquire such by waving a magic wand, in terms of elegance, comfort, rarity and design; magnificent furnishings in luscious fabrics and colors, from the four corners of the globe. The visit left us wanting more....wide-eyed and eager for this visual experience to never end.

From the moment your coach arrives you will be transported into a real life-sized jewel box; the jewel box being the Antique Shoppe on fabled 340 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

Your host, William and his gracious staff will greet you with a champagne flute and gladly Tour you through their extraordinary Collection of marvelous treasures; all authentic of course!

  • Marie Antionette, Louis XV & XVI from France
  • Century Old Porcelain from China, figurines and ornate urns
  • Roman Statuary from Italy, delicate ladies and fierce warriors
  • Rare bronzes from Greece retrieved from the waters around the Palace; long ago sunken in local wars
  • Majestic fabled treasures from Great Britain
  • Paintings by the Old Masters
  • A cornucopia of one-of-a-kind stunning pieces

Please, do come and visit. All assembled for your pleasure and amazement!

William just might have a very special gift for you. He has assembled the most glorious photo album, filled with pictures of the many spectacular mansions, estates and condos he has personally created. The photo album will happily remind you of your afternoon at the most breathtaking Shoppe on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.