Chef Patrick Chef Patrick

This man certainly has taste!

Chef Patrick Adams, owner of Gourmet Design Catering knows how to create inventive and delicious foods, formulated with inspired menus to delight his many clients. It's a matter of good taste and knowing just how to create exceptional dishes to please a diverse clientele.

Chef Patrick has been pleasing even the most critical of palates for the past many years. He was Executive Chef with the J.M. Fleet of Yachts, the ranked Hunter's Run Golf & Racquet Club, the world renown Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, a host of upscale restaurants ranging from Florida, USA to the other side of the world, Australia, with many in between.

Chef Patrick includes creamy French cuisine, spicy Caribbean delicacies and delicate Asian spices in his culinary masterpieces. He proudly presented his collection of extraordinary dishes while enjoying his position as one of the chefs at the prestigious Mar-a Logo Country Club & Spa of Palm Beach, know worldwide.

With a passion for fine food, a gift of gab and a love for his craft, Chef Patrick is the perfect choice to teach and treat your guests.

Demonstrating and teaching is great fun for our Chef and your clientele will savor the experience. They are also invited to participate in the tastings; yummm!

To present a Cooking Demonstration Activity with Chef Patrick called for a massive and well appointed kitchen. Locations Extrordinaire has been most fortunate to be invited into the spectacular kitchen of Forest Hill Mansion in West Palm Beach.

This glorious Mediterranean style mansion has a marvelous kitchen with an endlessly long granite counter top. Your clients will be comfortably given a "front row seat" to participate in an enjoyable as well as delicious culinary experience.

Please join us!

Bon Appetit!