Garden Door … Miami

The Garden Door is located in the historical section of Miami known as Morningside.
This gated community is located just minutes from South Beach and offers a quiet and serene setting.

Guest can access the property from two locations pending on how you wish the guest to flow.  An inviting swimming pool and logia provide a perfect setting for hosting a cocktail reception throughout quant gardens before venturing to the east garden ideal for a formal lawn party.

The east garden can be accessed from the grounds or via “The Garden Door”.  Lush greenery surround the garden disguising the privacy wall that shuts to outside world off creating the magic that is “The Garden Door”.  A stunning waterscape with flowing water, orchids grafted into trees and hanging in baskets create an ideal setting for the perfect lawn party.  The east garden features shade trees ample enough to allow for cool areas while still allowing the rays of sunshine to permeate and fall upon the lush green lawn.  The tile floored lanai offers an intimate seating area or an ideal location to set up food stations.  A coral stone and grass checkerboard pattern centered in the lawn helps detail oriented garden by adding depth and character to the vast space.  Flowering plants and trees enhance the backdrop of any event.

With room for up to 175 guests, if the perfect outdoor environment is the desire then “The Garden Door” awaits you and your guests.