A Private Fashion Show in Store

To enjoy an activity of this caliber please allow at least three to three and a half hours. Guests are requested to arrive thru the Private Valet Parking area at the store entrance. They are greeted by the Fashion Co-ordinator as they step into the store.The Guests will actually be standing in the Designer Jewelry Department; viewing fabulous pieces of newly designed jewelry for the season; many of which will be in the Informal Fashion Show.

Each privileged Guest will receive these three publications; (1) "The Book"; this good looking large fashion magazine is printed once a month for Neiman Marcus Patrons. (I believe you have to spend a certain dollar amount per month in the store to receive this magazine by mail). (2) A large six page booklet printed by Neiman Marcus; gorgeous fashion layouts of the new "Trends for The Season". (3) The Worth Avenue Magazine; printed four times a year. It's a stunning lifestyle magazine with gorgeous fashion photos representing the Shops on the Avenue. It also includes write ups on the Restaurants, the Social Activities that happen in Palm Beach and always one large article on the history of fashions in Palm Beach from the "20's and 30's.

Each invited Guest also receives a pretty Writing Pad & Pen presented by Neiman's for them to take notes if they wish, while viewing the Informal Fashion Show.

Guests are escorted past the Cosmetic Counters, where a professional Make up Artist has been brought in by Neiman's for our ladies to chat with "after" the Show. The Make up Consultant will "consult" with each of the ladies regarding the best look for each of them and will happily do a touch up of their make up if time permits. Guests walk past the Men's Department; viewing a few items being displayed that they may wish to pick up after the show for their spouses.

As we ascend the escalator, thousands of white & silver floating butterflies hang from the ceiling; they are spectacular!!! At the top of the escalator is the Designer Department; we are escorted to our own "private section" on the second floor, transformed from clothing racks to our Informal Fashion Show.

Champagne is passed butler style; sweets are also presented; ie; chocolate covered strawberries, or petit fours. The writing pad & pen are handed to each guest as they are escorted to their seats. The seating area can hold up to approximately fifty guests; please let us know in advance how many ladies will be attending.

The Fashion Show will last approximately "45" minutes. The music will start; the Fashion Commentator welcomes us and chats a little about the Store; their vision for their Clientele, the new trends of the season; which things they should be looking out for when they shop and which items are suitable for their age range. The showing will include the clothing from various departments, shoes, handbags, accessories and jewelry all of which will be age appropriate for their group. And a special "thank you" for attending from the Fashion Co-ordinator when the Show is completed.

The Show has now ended! Guests are welcome to meet with the the Make-up Consultant, browse the Men's Wear Department and "Shop" the store. All of the department heads will be aware we're in the store and will be most helpful in their various departments. At this point, the ladies are now on their own and your Client is welcome to tell them at what time the guests should be prepared to depart. They are requested to meet at the Valet Station where the vehicles will be waiting.

A Show at the Neiman Marcus Store, to include three models, is $3500. Neiman Marcus requests a "$100" Gift Certificate be purchased for each Guest, over and above the $3500 rate for the Fashion Show Experience. Your Guests would be delighted and would put it towards anything that "strikes their fancy" after The Show. This will be a very special, up scale venue that the ladies will remember as a truly delightful Palm Beach experience.

An Evening of Luxury
Gentlemen and Ladies

His & Her Luxury Items, featuring Furs, the world's most expensive perfume, and precious jewelry. This could be an intimate cocktail reception or formal sit down dinner with models showcasing the luxury items.

Details to be discussed!


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