Villa Amici

Golden Beach

Discover what is already waiting to host your next event. This Greek Mediterranean treasure the best kept secrets residing on the natural beauty of Golden Beach.

As you enter the one acre beachfront property you are greeted by a loggia lined with Roman columns which can escort you to the main entranceway of the home or to the South side of the courtyard where the entertaining possibilities are endless. If you choose the main entrance, once inside the foyer you are received to your right by the formal dining area guarded by the bust of Caesar and warmed by the draped ceiling above the dining room table. To your left you will find the formal sitting area perfect for cocktails and intimate conversation.

Venturing further you are greeted by the intricacies of the Oriental sitting area. This portion of the home can be lit by your choice of sun or moonlight which is unveiled by the floor to ceiling doors of glass. These majestic glass walls present the perfect view of one hundred feet of private beachfront property.

When led outside through one of these doorways to paradise your are embraced by the ceramic tile pool and the matching benches that accompany it on the North side. To complete the romantic theme you have the choice of viewing the scenery through the gazebo or take a closer step and stand underneath the arches that lead to the perfect beach setting awaiting you and your guests.

Once back inside, you can continue into the casual entertainment room or to the front of the property where a 140 guests can be seated in an enclosed courtyard comprised of 8000 square feet and complete with air conditioning. Your guests can enjoy all the privacy this outdoor entertainment area has to offer while enjoying the endless Florida sky. It is in this area where they are free to remain inside or explore the rest of the courtyard which they can enter through one of the four doors connecting them to the front loggia.

Ideal for intriguing corporate events or private weddings, this location is the ultimate model for entertaining.